Dr. Laura Ortiz González

Dr. Laura Ortiz González

Director of the physical therapy clinic in Burgos

Collegiate No. 1096, with a degree issued by the University Alfonso X el Sabio

Best massage in Burgos

As a child I wanted to be a physiotherapist, because it is my vocation to give others a better quality of life. After my physiotherapy studies, I acquired some years of experience as a physiotherapist: First as a physiotherapist in the hospital and also in some clinics in Burgos and its surroundings, until I opened my own clinic in Burgos 12 years ago. That was the best decision of my life because quality is very important to me.

On the one hand, I can take the time necessary for each client to reach the best in her or his situation. In addition, our clinic is equipped with the latest standards and has the latest technologies for treatment. A physioclinic focused on quality is the dream I have made a reality. Whether for athletes with sports injuries, children, elderly people with chronic diseases or pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago, with us you receive the best treatment.

Training of our physiotherapists


We are well aware that your health is in our hands.

This is why we place the highest priority on the selection and training of our physiotherapists and osteopaths.

All the physiotherapists who work for our clinic are university graduates and collegiate, with years of extensive experience in all techniques and treatments.

Each physiotherapist is constantly trained in the latest techniques and specialties, through Masters and specialization courses to which they regularly attend to be able to apply the latest and best techniques in our treatments.


Physiotherapy Clinic

Our fisio&fisio clinic in Burgos is located at 11st Valladolid Street, Ground Floor.
Only 400 meters from the famous Cathedral of Burgos.

Our physiotherapy clinic has been specially planned and designed to guarantee excellence in modern physiotherapy. In the 12 years that the clinic exists we have always invested in the most modern equipment, to give the best treatment to our patients.

Infrastructure and technology

Medicine has developed a great deal in recent years. So has technology. That is why we are proud of our infrastructure.

The physiotherapy clinic fisio&fisio is a clinic that has 5 large rooms and completely new facilities, specialized machinery with the latest technology in Electrotherapy, Presotherapy, Magnetotherapy and Ultrasound. We guarantee that you receive the best treatment. Here is the physiotherapy centre Burgos: fisio&fisi.

Our physical therapy clinic is located at 11st Valladolid Street – Ground Floor.
Just 400 meters from the cathedral of Burgos.

Home service

At fisio&fisio we have all the necessary portable material to carry out the treatments in a professional way at your place.

There are many cases in which it is not easy to go to the consultation, so we offer this possibility, call us and consult your case.

Specialities and experience in physiotherapy

The fisio&fisio physiotherapy clinic is specialized in the following techniques and treatments:

· general physiotherapy
· sports physiotherapy
· back pain
· herniated disk
· pelvic floor
· temporomandibular joint
· sprains
· tendonitis
· urinary incontinence
· hemiplegia
· pressure therapy


Physiotherapy: Our techniques and specialties

Our physiotherapists specialize in all clinical physiotherapy techniques and treatments.

+ Back pain

Who hasn’t ever had back pain? Many times it happens in a traumatism of an accident and other times we don’t know what caused it, that’s why in children as well as in adults it’s important to solve it as soon as possible.

Back pain is treated very effectively by a well-trained and experienced physiotherapist.

We have several treatments and depending on each case or the pathology we have applied the most appropriate method.

+ Herniated disc

Men and women of all ages and younger and younger people suffer from herniated discs.

Why come? The physiotherapists of the fisio&fisio clinic are trained to make a good diagnosis and therefore the best treatment against herniated discs.

We are trained and have the technology to solve this problem.

+ Sprains

Sprains are among the most common injuries at all ages. The result of a sports injury or simply a bad footfall in everyday life. To avoid relapses and that the sprain becomes relapsing it is convenient to put in the hands of professionals as soon as possible, we will avoid that it becomes chronic.

+ Parafango

Parafango in the treatment of muscular stiffness and contractures consists of the application on the skin of paraffin with marine mud, rich in mineral salts and trace elements. All this at a lower or equal temperature, depending on the patient’s situation, at 50 degrees.

Rigidity and muscle contractures can be alleviated with techniques other than massage therapy, sometimes even with techniques that can be complementary to this, as is the case of parafango. The parafango is effective in the treatment of muscular contractures and joint pains; it is a really pleasant and pleasant technique for the patient.

+ Tendinitis

Tendinitis is one of the most difficult pathologies to overcome for the human body.

Tendinitis can be caused by the continuous repetition of a movement, a sudden gesture and is sometimes of idiopathic origin.

One of the most serious consequences of not treating tendinitis can be capsulitis or calcification of the joint in question, so starting treatment at the onset of the first symptoms is essential.

+ Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence – loss of bladder control – is a common and often embarrassing problem. The intensity ranges from occasional loss of urine when you cough or sneeze, to having a need to urinate so suddenly and forcefully that you don’t get to the bathroom in time.

In the first cases, in which there is an anatomical lesion, most of the time the solution will be surgery and the urologist will consider the possibility of placing a prosthesis, mesh or sling. Physical therapy will help in the patient’s recovery after surgery.

If there are deficits in motor control, muscular system and behavioural factors, physiotherapy is of great help, and very noticeably improve the quality of life in the patient; in fisio&fisio we have technology and very effective training plans to achieve our objective.

+ Hemiplegia

Hemiplegia is the paralysis of one side of the body after a brain or spinal injury, such as a stroke or trauma. When there is decreased strength or partial paralysis, hemiplegia is usually referred to as hemiplegia.

If hemiplegia is caused by damage to the left part of the brain, it is the right half of the body that will be affected. If, on the other hand, the right part of the brain is damaged, the left half of the body will be affected.

Physical therapy treatment in hemiplegia is necessary, as it is aimed at improving movement and restoring function. The first six months of treatment are key to acquiring and regaining maximum body function.

+ Tecar therapy, diathermy or radiofrequency

Tecar therapy, diathermy or radiofrequency The tecar therapy or deep diathermy is a double treatment that combines manual therapies with the application of high frequency electrical currents in which a heat energy is introduced deep into the tissue and accelerates the mechanisms of natural recovery, this is the only technique in physiotherapy that can achieve this.

By accelerating the natural mechanism of tissues, recovery from injury is much faster than with other techniques. We can apply it to all types of soft tissue injuries such as sports injuries, back pain, osteoarthritis, arthritis, in patients of any age.

+ Pressotherapy

Pressotherapy is one of the most popular physiotherapy treatment techniques in recent years, taking advantage of the use made of it by some elite athletes. As its name suggests, it applies pressure to certain areas of the body, which stimulates lymphatic drainage and improves blood circulation.

The pressotherapy is applied by means of a device that has several air chambers, which allow to wrap the zone on which it is wanted to apply and to regulate the pressure to which the muscle is submitted.

It is very visible the result and improvement in very few sessions, important also in post-operative of various kinds

+ Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a discipline whose maxim resides in the holistic vision of the human body, understanding it as a unit and not as an independent set of organs and structures. For this reason, osteopathic treatments are aimed at relieving the ailment through the recovery of the general balance.

Osteopathy can help with multiple pathologies, osteo-articular and skeletal muscle problems such as contractures, sprains, tendinitis, digestive problems (hiatus hernia, constipation, gastritis, genito-urinary problems, respiratory problems, etc.).

In osteopathy we can take advantage of an instrument dedicated to preserving all organic functions in their perfect activity: cardiovascular system, respiratory, nervous, lymphatic, skeletal muscle.

+ Acupuncture

The term acupuncture describes a set of procedures that involve the stimulation of certain anatomical points using a variety of techniques. The most commonly applied variant of acupuncture, whose potential benefits have been studied in greater depth, is the variant in which fine needles are inserted into the skin at certain strategic points with the aim of alleviating a wide range of pathologies.

This treatment is completely painless against what may seem, the patient feels completely relaxed.

It is highly effective in pathologies and sports injuries as well as in anxiety and stress situations.

+ Dry needling

Dry puncture is a physiotherapy technique that consists of the use of a needle on trigger points or muscle nodules (muscle contraction nodes), with the aim of treating myofascial pain syndrome.

Thanks to the dry puncture, the fibres of the damaged muscle are relaxed and unblocked by reflex action. The muscle regenerates more quickly and pain is immediately relieved by 20-25%. This technique can be used in cases of trauma, overloads, muscle contractures, muscle fatigue, cervical pain, dorsal pain.

After 24-48 visits to the physiotherapist, the muscle relaxes and local pain and radiated pain disappear. It is a painless technique and above all very effective in most cases.

Our professionals will determine its application if necessary.

+ Pilates Method

Created by Joseph H. Pilates almost a century ago, this exercise set is more fashionable than ever. Pilates not only helps to improve your physical condition, but also your ability to control and concentrate.

It is an intense and effective method that produces noticeable benefits in the musculature, but this has not been the only cause for extending its practice.

In fisio&fisio we give the opportunity to do this practice in private and semi-private classes at different times, we inform you gladly.

+ Hypopressive Gymnastics

Hypopressive abdominal gymnastic exercises increase abdominal tone and consequently tone the pelvic floor, reduce the waist and prevent incontinence of urine, important aspects both in women who have recently given birth and in elderly women and men with these problems. In order to feel and enjoy the benefits that this technique offers us, it is advisable to go to our clinic where all our personal team has the necessary knowledge.

+ Foot Reflexology



It is a therapeutic technique with preventive, curative and relaxing aims, by means of the stimulation of points on the foot, we will be able to know which organs are unbalanced and to work to correct it, even before there are manifest symptoms. In addition it is possible to know and treat psychological aspects of the person.

When the treatment through the Reflexología podal is received with regularity, a generalized improvement of the nervous system is appreciated, for example in cases of headaches, migraines or insomnia.

Reflexology also helps dramatically in problems of constipation, lack of appetite, allergies, dizziness, eye problems and pain (rheumatism, lumbago, contractures …), even in cases of stress and anxiety.

This millenary technique can help us much more than we can think that in addition to being pleasant is highly effective. 

Come and visit us

Calle Valladolid nº 11
Ground floor
Burgos (SPAIN)

Tel. +34 947 209 007

“Very good physio practice. I got an appointment super fast and the result is excellent. Very friendly and competent physiotherapist. You get physiotherapy and massage at a very correct price. I can absolutely recommend this physiotherapist practice in Burgos.”

Roman Probst

“Thank you very much for the sensational treatment during my Camino.
The treatment and the service were great and I can recommend Fisio & Fisio 100%.”

Christoph Gödde

“A clinic run by a very professional and competent physiotherapist. Very pleasant and close treatment. Good treatments adapted to your problems. The whole team is very friendly. I recommend it.”

Beatriz Párdo


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